Tulle - Soft tulle rolls, bolts and speciality

Soft Quality Tulle

A wide range of tulle available in both rolls and bolts, available in a variety of colours, designs and sizes. From 6″ (15.24cm) wide and 10 yards (9.14m) long to extra wide bolts 108″ (274.32cm) wide and 50 yards (45.72m) long.

Looking for something special, try the speciality range with glitter, shimmer, hearts, polka dots and butterflies. These will add sparkle, elegance and a beautiful feature to your creation.

Tulle has so many uses from making tutus to bed canopies and you will find of the sizes you need here. Take a look at the range and if you still can’t find what you are looking for, contact us and we will do our best to find it for you.

All tulle in the Daisy Strings store has been carefully selected to provide a quality product that is compliant with U.S.A safety regulations.

We’ve made some changes to the categories in our store, polyester and nylon tulles are now combined under the same category, for both 100 yards or 25 yards. You can then make a selection as to whether you want nylon or polyester.


  • Made from either 100% nylon or 100% polyester (please check description) to cater for all needs
  • Not-flame retardant
  • Compliant with U.S.A safety regulations